Q. (punkrockgrrrl) wrote in doc_of_psych,

Help! I Need these Video Clips Desperately!

I ordered my books for this term, and only recently found out that my book didn't come with the video clips CD/ DVD it was supposed to, or that I needed this at all. I need the video clips DESPERATELY. Ordering from half.com won't work- most of the books there don't have the CD, and I don't want to waste time ordering and waiting. I tried the university library, but they don't have it, either. I need these clips for an assignment due this week.

I am happy to rent or buy the video clip CD from you.

If you have can upload the clips somehow and email them to me, I will pay you by Paypal. If you live within 75 miles of Southern CT, I will drive to you. If you live far away, I will pay for FedEx.

But I need these clips or I am dead meat.

The clips I need are those that go with INTERVIEWING FOR SOLUTIONS by BERG and DE JONG.

I need the VIDEO CLIPS, *not* the book. I have that already.

If you have the tape of these clips, I will gladly pay for them and sing your praises across the Internet.
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