Marusya (marusya_marusya) wrote in doc_of_psych,

Question to Doctorate students

Hello everyone,

I have a few questions to doctorate clinical or counseling psychology students.

I am interested in the interview part of the application process, and in your personal experience in particular.

Here are my questions:

In case the program offers applicants 4 possible days to chose for an interview, which consequent day do you think it is the best to have an interview?

How many applicants are usually invited for an interview, and how many are accepted/rejected afterwards?

What happens during an interview? What are typical procedures? What is the best way to get prepared? What does faculty usually test during an interview?

I would really appreciate your answers!

PS I have just received an invitation for an interview at a Counseling Psychology PhD program which is APA accredited and which accepts 6-8 people out of 60-70 applicants pool. I have passed the 1st step of the application process and am very worried about the interview part.
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