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Help with the psychodynamic perspective...

Hi All!

I'm new to LJ so please tell me if this is innapropriate. I'm a first-year graduate student in clinical psychology. We were handed some questions that I'm having difficulty because of having to explain them from a psychodynamic perspective. Could someone point me in the right direction with either some suggestions or websites that offer explanations from a Freudian view?? Here are the questions:
1. Write a male and a female perverse story line. Then discuss the differences.
2. Describe the min-body problem in psychopathology. Give examples in 3 different categories
3. Write a dialogue b/w a psychologist and a schizophrenic. Ananlyze this dialogue.
4. Similarites b/w ptsd and OCD - explain them and provide examples
5. What is the role of trauma in psychopathology and give several examples from at least 3 diagnostic categories.

-- Again ANY help would greatly be appreciated -- It's the class I'm having the most trouble in.
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