Double Entendre (misworded) wrote in doc_of_psych,
Double Entendre

Clueless About The PsyD Application Process

I really, really need some help from you guys.

I graduated from Berkeley in December 2007 with honors in linguistics. I'm 99% sure I want to become a psychotherapist and get a PsyD. Problem is, I prepared to become an academic (linguistics PhD programs) and don't have a psychology major. I did research in linguistics and have no psychology experience really. I took some classes because I was a psych major the first two years of college, but I think some PsyD programs require basic classes like abnormal psychology that I didn't take.
  • If I took classes at a community college, would that be sufficient background for these core classes that may be required? Will they care if it's at a CC instead of a university?
Basically, I'm clueless about how to begin this whole process, and if somebody could point me to some resources on how to prepare for and apply to PsyD programs (or even offer me some advice yourself) it would be greatly appreciated. I am only familiar with how to apply to research-oriented PhD programs, not clinical programs. I assume in addition to classes I also have to do psychology volunteer work or internships to figure out if I really want this career, as well as gain experience and valuable references.
  • If I did linguistics research and have a recommendation from that professor, is that useless for PsyD programs?
  • How much do programs run in cost? I've heard that most are funded entirely out-of-pocket.
  • How much do psychotherapists generally make? I want to have some reassurance the debt will be worth it, though with $70K already from undergrad I'm probably going to have to resign myself to lifelong debt...
  • Anything else I should be doing to prepare and enhance my résumé?
Thank you so much for any help you can provide!
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