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doc_of_psych's Journal

PsyD - Doctor of Psychology
The Mind
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Finally a forum for those who have a PsyD (different from a Psychology PhD) or who are aspiring to obtain a PsyD! (though those who have other psychology related degrees or who are just simply interested are more than welcome to join!) Thank you for being here.

PsyD?!?!?!?! What is it? Click HERE for a detailed description.

Please introduce yourself...perhaps starting off with....
1) Your name
2) Your interests in psychology
3) Aspiring psychologist, student, currently practicing or admirer?
4) Whatever else is in your mind


1. This community was formed to POLITELY discuss and disseminate information/ideas concerning PsyD schools, careers, academics, issues etc.
2. Please respect each other in this community - we are all educated and cultured that means no bashing of PsyD/PhD degrees...we all worked hard to obtain our education and deserve to be respected.
3. This is NOT the place to receive/provide mental health advice/help. If you feel that you need help concerning your mental health please seek a liscensed professional.
4. Please try not to digress to other, needless to say - inappropriate, topics. Let's keep our focus on psychology...it is a psychology lj community right?
5. Again...be respectful and be polite.

Anyone who fails to abide by these conducts will be instantly removed.

So.......DISCUSS AWAY! :)
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